Mythmaker skins for Galio, Garen, Sivir, Irelia, and Zyra hit the Rift. These will release a day after League of Legends Patch 13.1 goes live.

Mythmaker Skins

“Long ago, the defeat of the Great Beast Galio gave rise to Lunar New Year traditions that are carried on through the retelling of that epic tale. Within the story itself lies a living world all its own—but when the world of the story is suddenly interrupted, the characters must work together to fix the mess and see their own myth through.”

These skins are inspired by the Chinese art of paper cutting, a theme most evident on Zyra. This lines up with the Lunar Revel event, which is the in-universe stand-in for the Chinese New Year. All of the non-Prestige skins come with nine Chromas each, with the exception of Irelia who has six.

Mythmaker Irelia – 1820 RP

“Irelia was always a bystander in the story of “The Great Beast Galio”, watching from the sidelines each year as the story was told again and again… until the day that the Lunar Players crashed into their myth-world, and she found out that her story could change. Now it’s time for Irelia to become the hero she wished she could be and write her own destiny.”

Mythmaker Irelia looks stunning. Her white hair and the lower half of her outfit alike are highlighted with green. She also seems to be commanding an army of paper rabbit that stand out from the monochrome temple that she’s found herself in front of. The details on her dress and blades look and feel meticulous, much like Irelia’s gameplay.

In-game, her blades resemble more of a fan. At first glance, Mythmaker Irelia looks mostly red and white. But as she stacks up her passive, she gains more and more of a golden glow. As a Legendary Skin, she also gets a unique voiceover and special interactions.

Mythmaker Sivir – 1350 RP

“Once the hero of “The Great Beast Galio”, Sivir’s myth-world is forever changed when the Lunar Players interrupt her climactic battle, and she discovers that she is no longer the protagonist. Grappling with the question of who she is if she’s not saving the day, Sivir must now carve out a role for herself in a tale whose future is suddenly unwritten.”

Sivir once again suffers from the fact that she’s indistinguishable from other female champions. Her weapon isn’t visible, and people are mostly used to it being circular instead of the pointed shape it has found itself in Mythmaker Sivir’s splash art. Apart from that, more bunnies are present in it, so that’s always a plus.

Mythmaker Sivir also utilizes the deep red of the skin line, but she also takes advantage of the green. She and her blade glows green when W is active, which she will get to do more and more as the game progresses.

Prestige Mythmaker Sivir – 2000 Lunar Revel 2023 Tokens

“Sivir seeks nothing short of opulence, her beautiful clothes symbols of personal success as much as they are points of sartorial pride. It’s important that she looks impeccable: the New Year is here, after all, and starting it off right means stepping out in style.”

Prestige Mythmaker Sivir, however, distances itself from the red and opts for a more regal purple and violet. Sivir herself is also showing more skin, almost seductively as she lies down in a velvety material littered with paper art made in the image of her weapon. The accessory tying her hair up now also resembles more of a crown.

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It’s easier to appreciate the crystalline material in Sivir’s weapon in-game, as it’s always pointed up into the camera. Sivir almost looks maroon while her weapon appears pink. The green glow from having W active has been ditched for a more subtle golden glow, not unlike the effect she gets from casting her ultimate.

Mythmaker Galio – 1350 RP

“The Great Beast Galio is a fearsome creature: proud, powerful, and worthy of the myth that bears his name. Yet each year he is bested, as the story goes, so when Irelia comes to him and tells him that their fates are not writ in stone, Galio listens. If helping her means crafting a new future, he will lend her all his beastly strength.”

Mythmaker Galio looks absolutely monstrous in his splash art, Irelia for scale. Galio is indeed a Great Beast, and he’s every bit fearsome as the lore blurb says he is. Red and white dominate his body, accented by the occasional gold. His face resembles that of a demon, and rightfully so. The sheer magnitude and presence that the Great Beast Galio has been aptly translated onto his splash art.

In-game, Mythmaker Galio looks even better. His wings are now fully visible and have the occasional glint on them, and being mostly deep red, he contrasts well with the map. His abilities make full use of the red too, and the secondary palette of green and gold is used to complement it. This skin has many fine details, including the paper-cut edges of his Q tornado and W taunt range, to the particles of his passive. Mythmaker Galio’s ultimate is probably the best part of this skin, turning the affected range red for an instant as he drops from the sky.

Mythmaker Garen – 1350 RP

“As the town’s leader in “The Great Beast Galio”, Garen’s chief concern is the safety of his people in the face of a fierce enemy. When the story is thrown off, however, Irelia convinces him to help by showing Garen that Galio can be reasoned with, perhaps even stopped entirely if they make a friend out of a foe.”

Mythmaker Garen wears his signature pauldrons high and proud. Like Galio, he is predominantly red and white, with green and gold accents. The splash art itself doesn’t have much going for it, so Garen himself stands out in front of the stone temples and statues behind him. More Chinese paper art adorn the bottom edge, with a sneaky little bunny signifying the fact that 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit.

Garen’s abilities don’t leave much room for effects, but those that do make full use of the theme. Mythmaker Garen borderline abuses the red and gold. The E, however, spawns a flurry of red papercraft around him and a small one atop the enemy’s, and has to be the ability with the most effects save for his ultimate, which drops a massive crimson blade on top of his enemy’s head.

Mythmaker Zyra – 1350 RP

“Zyra is a spirit of the paper, haunting the scenery of “The Great Beast Galio” and watching the story unfold again and again. When the Lunar Players fall into the paper myth-world, Zyra’s insatiable curiosity drives her to capture these newcomers, desperate to hold onto change and novelty in a world where the story always remains the same.”

Much like Sivir, nothing about Mythmaker Zyra screams “Zyra.” Perhaps it’s the fact that she has a more human-like complexion or maybe from the lack of plants in the splash art. Honestly, the tendrils she has coming out of her which I assume are intended to be roots look more like those of Evelynn’s.

Mythmaker Zyra’s seeds are almost orange and grow into a deeply red plant. Most of her abilities are primarily red and yellow, with the occasional green to denote the fact that she is still a floramancer. This shouldn’t be a special pickup for Zyra players or players in general, unless you really, really, really like the color red.