LeBron James‘ drive to win his third NBA title certainly showed in this years playoffs. Most athletes see incremental improvement as they play their respective games over the years, but James is in his own special class of athletes.

During James' regular season with the Miami Heat in 2014, he was only able to record 26 blocks. For the entire regular season.

In this year's playoffs alone, James had a total of 27 blocks. Even more intriguing, 15 of these 27 blocks were in the 7-game Finals against the Golden State Warriors.

Clearly, James' level of play goes through a gigantic shift when transitioning from the regular season the the postseason. When his chance to gain another NBA championship is on the line, monstrous plays such as the one below are forthcoming.

Plays like these will forever be remembered by the Cleveland Cavaliers organization. It sure must be great to have their king back.