After the obliterating 110-77 loss to the Golden State Warriors Sunday night, the Cleveland Cavaliers are down two games going into Game 3 of the 2016 NBA Finals. This Cleveland squad, led by LeBron James, needs to do some serious readjusting in order to bounce back and get a win at home tomorrow night.

Much to his demise, James could potentially join the ranks of other NBA stars who just could not clinch that finals victory. These players all played over four decades ago, so James joining this list would be quite unfortunate.

Larry Foust ('59, '60, '61) lost with the Minneapolis Lakers, and St. Louis Hawks while Jerry West ('68, '69, '70) and Elgin Baylor ('68, '69, '70) lost with the LA Lakers.

It would be a shame if James had to endure this third straight loss. Although his free throw percentage in this playoffs has been at an all-time low (.652), the rest of his efforts prove to show he is working hard toward this championship.

lebron james
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Who would have thought James would be in this situation? About three years ago, James was en route to playing for his third straight NBA finals victory with the Miami Heat. Clearly, he is no stranger to this big stage of basketball play. Maybe he can rally his team together to dig themselves out of this hole at home.

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