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LeBron James roasts Bryan Colangelo with a Twitter ‘burner account’ joke (Video)

LeBron James

Oh, LeBron, you slay us sometimes.

During the NBA Finals media availability on Saturday afternoon, Cleveland Cavaliers walking-legend LeBron James decided to roast Bryan Colangelo a bit when a question pertaining to Twitter popped up, via NBA TV.

James, 33, executed this “funny” on the heels of one of the most disappointing results in NBA Finals history. Scoring 51 points on just 32 shots from the field and still losing by way of an overturned foul and J.R. Smith’s out-of-this-world antics is still not enough to keep James down in the dumps.

The remark was made directly in relation to Bryan Colangelo’s recent Twitter burner account madness.

Colangelo, the current Philadelphia 76ers general manager, is accused of using burner accounts on Twitter by way of helping motivate and/or turn certain prospects for the better moving forward. When James was asked about whether or not he saw what owner Dan Gilbert had to say following the Game 1 loss, he simply couldn’t resist in asking if Gilbert’s account was authentic.

Game 2 of the NBA Finals is set for Sunday night. It’ll be a game LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers must snag if they want to make sure this series is, at the very least, a long one.