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Lebron James trade

LeBron James trade ideas for the most untradeable player of all time

Los Angeles Lakers superstar forward LeBron James is arguably the most untradeable player in the history of the NBA. If a LeBron James trade were to ever happen, it would seriously break the entire internet. Women would be crying, men would be weeping and children would be… well, playing with toys still. Children really do not care.

Digressing a big here…

It’s worth noting The King is different than some other all-time greats like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, though, playing for three teams in total — with James also suiting up for both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat along the way, the current Lakers cornerstone has been able to choose each and every stop throughout his lengthy NBA playing career.

Obviously, this comes as absolutely no surprise.

While King James has already made it abundantly clear that he would like to retire as a member of the Lakers organization, it is always fun to play match-maker — especially in times like these. Despite the fact that it is literally an impossibility that a LeBron James trade comes to fruition, unless he demands it for some odd reason, there are a few intriguing destinations out there that would make for some fun highlights as the perennial All-Star and MVP candidate’s career begins to wind down sometime in the near future.

It is also worth noting that although this scenario is as impossible as impossible gets, James would garner quite the haul in return if he was ever traded.

New York Knicks

Madison Square Garden. The world’s most famous arena. “The Mecca.” The bright lights of the “Big Apple.” On and on, New York City is historically known as where the big boys go to play. While recent history hasn’t been all that kind to the Knicks, rumors have forever swirled around the idea that LeBron James would one day decide to suit it up in the orange and white (and blue).

The Lakers All-Star would not only turn the NBA on its head by joining the once heralded New York Knicks, but he would absolutely thrive in New York City. Even at his age — or older for that matter — James would instantly turn the Knicks franchise right around, which would be incredibly good for the NBA and its fans. Whether you’d like to admit it or not, basketball is fun when the Knicks are in the mix.

Given the structure of LeBron’s current contract, and unless some deal is made to bring Bronny James into the fold, it’s hard to ever see this happening at this point. Then again, one can never say never.

Ugh… never.

Miami Heat

LeBron James, Celtics, heat

James has already made his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers so why not do it again? However, this time around, James would be returning to the Miami Heat, the team he played for between his two stints in Cleveland.

Winning a pair of titles while making a total of four NBA Finals appearances over the course of his four seasons in Miami, a return to the Heat would allow King James to return to a familiar place in addition to taking everyone by surprise. It is very rare that a player of James’ caliber plays for multiple teams let alone multiple teams on multiple occasions!

Besides, who wouldn’t want to retire in Miami?

All of that being said, a LeBron James trade to the Heat would certainly make that fanbase happy, but at what cost to every franchise involved? If James were to be traded at this stage in his career, the team on the accepting end would have a narrow window to win a title, and a presumably shallow roster left after giving up assets to obtain The King.

Chicago Bulls

The Earth would likely break into multiple pieces if this were to ever happen. A LeBron James trade to a city where his rival in “GOAT conversations” is a legend, hero and so much more, tickle debate shows fancy and intrigued.

The discussion typically comes down to two players at this point in time — Michael Jordan and LeBron James. With these two legends vying for “G.O.A.T.” status among NBA pundits and fans alike, what better team for James to finish his career with than the franchise that Jordan called home for so many years?

It would definitely be interesting to see “King James” sport the legendary Chicago Bulls uniform while wearing No. 23 would obviously be out of the question if he did ever make his way to the “Windy City.”

Nonetheless, James in Chicago would make for some fun headlines and even better photo opportunities.