The forthcoming All-Star game between MLS and Liga MX is set to ignite passion and rivalry as the best XI from each league prepare to clash on July 17 in Columbus, Ohio. This matchup follows previous encounters where MLS emerged victorious, further fueling the competitive spirit between the two heavyweight North American leagues.

MLS showcased its prowess in the 2021 and 2022 editions by defeating Liga MX All-Stars. The first encounter ended in a thrilling 1-1 draw, with MLS securing a 3-2 victory in the penalty shootout. The following year, MLS claimed a decisive 2-1 win in regulation time, highlighting the league's growing dominance in these showdowns.

The upcoming All-Star game promises to be a premier event for fans across both leagues, serving as a tantalizing preview for the forthcoming Leagues Cup tournament. This tournament, which pits MLS and Liga MX clubs against each other, is slated to commence later in July, further intensifying the rivalry between the two leagues.

However, scheduling conflicts may impact player availability for the All-Star game. For instance, if Argentina reaches the Copa America final scheduled for July 14, stars like Lionel Messi may be unavailable due to the tight turnaround between tournaments. Nevertheless, the potential inclusion of players like Javier ‘Chicharito' Hernandez adds excitement to the matchup.

As MLS gears up for week two of the season with a full slate of matches, Liga MX is already in full swing with the Clasura campaign. With matches scheduled throughout the week, anticipation is high for the All-Star game, which promises to deliver thrilling action and showcase the best talent from both leagues.

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