Lionel Messi, the football legend, has not only been making history on the field but has also reached a remarkable milestone off it, hitting half-a-billion followers on Instagram, reported by GOAL. This achievement solidifies Messi's status as a global icon, with only Cristiano Ronaldo ahead of him in followers.

In this digital era, social media presence plays a significant role, and Messi is just the second person in the world to amass such a colossal following, with eternal rival Cristiano Ronaldo leading the charts at an impressive 622 million followers. The Argentine's massive fan base surged after his triumph in the 2022 World Cup with Argentina and has continued to grow following his move to the United States, where he now graces the field with MLS side Inter Miami.

Sportico reports that Messi's Instagram following constitutes 20% of the platform's 2.5 billion monthly active user base, surpassing the combined followers of all current NFL players and outshining the cumulative total of 154 teams across the five major sports leagues in America.

Breaking down Messi's Instagram demographics, his followers are predominantly male (72%), with Brazil leading the countries at 12%, followed by India (8.1%), Argentina (6.5%), and the U.S. (6.2%). This widespread and diverse fan base showcases the global appeal and influence of the legendary footballer.

As Messi continues to etch his name in the record books, both in the football arena and the digital realm, the half-a-billion milestone on Instagram adds another remarkable chapter to his illustrious career.

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