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Lions’ Matthew Stafford pens heartfelt letter denouncing ‘sticking to football’ in these times

Matthew Stafford, Lions

Matthew Stafford has proven to be an exemplary leader on and off of the field for the Detroit Lions throughout his career. While the conversation surrounding racial injustices continues to take place, Stafford penned a heartfelt letter denouncing “sticking to football” in today’s society.

The letter was personally written by the 32-year-old Lions franchise quarterback and was featured on The Players’ Tribune on Friday. Early in the passionate letter, the veteran franchise signal-caller iterates that now is not the time to be silent.

“We can’t just stick to football. Not as a team. Not as an organization. And we shouldn’t as a country”.

Over the past year, we’ve seen countless occurrences of African Americans dying in police custody or at the hands of hateful human beings. Names like George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and Jacob Blake have rung throughout the entire world due to being racial injustice victims.

Following the Blake shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the Lions canceled practice to speak on the issues at hand. Besides Stafford, head coach Matt Patricia called for other members of the NFL to take action on social issues.

Stafford is never a player that is very vocal in the media or outside of the locker room. However, the Lions vet continued to let his voice be heard when it comes to racial injustice.

We’ve seen athletes across all of the major sports leagues begin to feel comfortable speaking out against racism and promote the Black Lives Matter movement. Even though there are a select group of fans that criticize them for it, Stafford and others are creating change for the world around them.