LIV Golf emerged from seemingly out of nowhere to change the landscape of the golfing world, and after a brief existence, they are set to be part of the massive golf merger that will combine them with the PGA Tour. However, LIV Golf's CEO and commissioner, Greg Norman, offered some comments on the league's future that will raise eyebrows.

Nearly a year after LIV Golf's first invitational series, the merger involving them and the PGA Tour will reunite the top golfers in the world and ensure they all fall under one umbrella. However, Norman sounded resolute in making sure LIV Golf would abide by their own rules, offering quite an interesting statement shortly after the news of the merger broke.

“Congratulations, you changed golf and you did it in less than a year. There will be no operational changes in 2023, 2024, 2025 and into the future. LIV is a stand-alone entity and will continue to be that moving forward. And that comes right from the top.” – Greg Norman, The Fire Pit Collective

It's safe to say that the merger between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour shocked pretty much everyone, including some of the players themselves. However, the shape in which things will take still remains to be seen, and it seems like Norman has an idea of what LIV Golf will look like, even as they prepare for this merger.

This is a very unique and strange situation that still has a lot of moving pieces, and Norman's comments likely will add to that confusion. What does this mean for the future of LIV Golf, and the merger between the two leagues that just took place? Only time will tell, but Norman has added even more intrigue to this situation it seems.