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Lonzo Ball gets on the rap game with ‘Free Smoke’ remix days after unveiling new sneaker line

Lonzo Ball

Just days after the release of the overpriced ZO2’s, NBA prospect Lonzo Ball teamed up with DC The Don for a remix of “Free Smoke,” filling out his offseason with as much hype and headlines as a soon-to-be-drafted player can get.

If making $495 a pop for the standard model of his signature shoe wasn’t enough, the UCLA standout is hoping a little side change from his rapping abilities might cover his rather expensive taste.

The face of the Big Baller Brand comes in at the 1:28 mark, letting his soon-to-be NBA competition know he will terrorize them upon his arrival in the league.

[Warning: Explicit Content]


Whether Mr. Ball has the game to back up his talk and his father’s will come to more than a one-minute collaboration in a rap album. While his confidence seems to be at an astronomical level, it’s going to take more than that to impress GMs and scouts around the league, as well as winning the respect of his teammates on the court.

As far as rapping is concerned, he’s still ways away from reaching the heights Damian Lillard has in his five seasons in the league.

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