LSU women's basketball star Angel Reese's recent Instagram activity has fueled fan speculation over her potential return to the court, following a two-week absence from the defending national champion Tigers.

Reese, an All-American forward, last played in LSU's 109-79 win against Kent State on November 14, wherein she was benched during the second half. Since then, Reese has neither traveled with the team nor donned the team's uniform, with No. 7 LSU securing victories in all four games during her absence.

The situation is shrouded in mystery, with Coach Kim Mulkey offering limited comments, vaguely attributing Reese's absence to “locker room issues.” Mulkey emphasized that protecting her players remains a top priority.

The intrigue intensified on November 27, when Reese shared a captionless selfie on her Instagram story from inside the Pete Maravich Assembly Center, as reported by Fox 8. The post comes just two days after LSU's 76-73 victory over Virginia. Devoid of any explicit message, the post has led to heightened speculation among fans and followers about Reese's imminent return, especially with a high-profile game against No. 9 Virginia Tech on the horizon.

The upcoming match-up, a top-10 clash and a rematch of the Final Four, is set to be nationally televised on ESPN. This prominent stage is seen as an ideal platform for Reese, should she choose to make a comeback. The much-anticipated game is set for Thursday, November 30.

Reese's absence has been a topic of much discussion, not just among LSU fans but also in the wider college basketball community. Her cryptic social media post has only added to the mystery, leaving many to wonder about the status of one of college basketball's standout players.

While the team has managed to maintain its winning streak in Reese's absence, her return could provide a significant boost to the Tigers as they face tougher opponents. As the speculation mounts, all eyes will be on the Pete Maravich Assembly Center this Thursday to see if Reese takes the court.