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Luka Doncic second best player outside of the league, per NBA statistician

One of the most exciting prospects coming out of Europe next year is certainly Luka Doncic. The Slovenian guard has superstar potential, and people are catching on. While the hype has grown substantially in Europe, analysts all around USA are paying more attention to Doncic.

While he has not played a ton for Real Madrid in his two seasons there, in terms of minutes, he has showcased some serious skill for a very young player. In terms of just numbers, they do not show the real picture of his talent. 7.8 points, 4.3 rebounds and 3.1 assists per game do not sound too impressive. However, there is more to Luka than just numbers.

Possessing that court vision, ability to score at will and ball handling ability at his age is just incredible. Doncic is only 18 and he already played 63 games in Europe’s best basketball competition – the Euroleague.

It seems like the hype is slowly rising in the NBA circles as well. One NBA statistician, in a conversation with Jonathan Tjarks from the Ringer, had a bold statement about Doncic.

“I’ve been tracking him for years,” said the statistician. “My model has him as the second-best player in the world outside of the NBA. If I was running a team at the top of the draft, I’d be doing everything in my power to get him.”

Speaking to Tjarks as well, ESPN analyst Fran Fraschilla also shared a few words on Doncic.

“For an 18-year-old to do what [Doncic] is doing in the second-best league in the world is remarkable,” said Fraschilla. “He’s always one play ahead.”

Doncic will most likely enter the 2018 NBA Draft, and teams will be waiting in a line for his services. While he could end up busting like a lot of European prospects before him, Doncic certainly has that superstar potential that is probably worth the risk.