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Luke Walton Tells Amusing Tale Of Steve Kerr And An Uber Driver

Steve Kerr

As you surely remember, Luke Walton assumed head coaching duties for the dominant Golden State Warriors for the first 43 games this season while Steve Kerr recovered from back surgery.

You also might remember that Walton received no official credit for compiling 39 wins over that span; in the NBA’s record books, they belong to Kerr.

Apparently, one of Walton and Kerr’s Uber drivers in Portland was not too pleased about this back in January, and it led to a hilarious interaction.

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“The driver started saying it was bullcrap that I wasn’t getting the wins,” Walton said, via ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne. “He didn’t know Steve was in the back, or he didn’t recognize Steve yet. So Steve was like, ‘Yeah, that head coach of theirs is a real asshole. He’s only thinking about himself.’

“Then we all started jumping in. I said, ‘Yeah, I think Steve even called the NBA to make sure he got those wins.’ The Uber driver was like, ‘God, he sounds like a jerk.'”

The Warriors coaching staff sure knows how to have some fun.

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