The Heavenly Realm gets many additions with Lunar Revel skins to open up 2023 Ashe, Kha’Zix, Malphite, Qiyana, and Thresh, along with Prestige Porcelain Lissandra.

These skins are expected to hit live servers on League of Legends Patch 13.1b, scheduled on January 26th, 2023. This is due to Patch 13.2 being delayed after the social engineering attack on Riot Games.

This is the second set of skins celebrating the Lunar New Year for 2023, the first set being the Mythmaker skins.

Prestige Porcelain Lissandra – 2000 Lunar Revel 2023 Tokens

“What is fashion, if not sculpture? Is it not beauty and elegance in physical form? The portrait of glamor in white, blue, and gold, Lissandra is a work of art, on and off the runway.”

Prestige Porcelain Lissandra exudes just that: Prestige. The serpentine theme is much more prevalent compared to the base Porcelain Lissandra splash. A considerable part of her “skirt” now has the scaly texture, as do the various fine china that she has displayed around her. Her horns now also glow a menacing aura, one of the many subtle changes that make the splash art feel more regal.

In-game, the lower half of Prestige Porcelain Lissandra glistens, resulting in a purple-blue gradient. The ice that persistently surrounds her are now gilded. All of her abilities now have symbols and details added to them, most visible on her Passive and Ultimate. The cracks in the ice resemble kintsugi, the art of repairing pottery by mending it with gold.

Post-PBE update:

  • We added a fog at Lissandra’s ‘feet’
  • Dress’ colors were adjusted

Lunar Revel 2023 Skins

The Lunar Revel 2023 event adds five new skins, all members of the “Heavenly Realm” in lore. They will join Lunar Goddess Diana, Lunar Empress Lux, Lunar Guardian Nasus, Lunar Guardian Warwick, and Radiant Wukong in this skin sub-line. As a general encompassing theme, these represent God-like or enlightened characters within this Alternate Universe.

Lunar Empress Ashe – 1350 RP

“Her people slaughtered, Ashe—daughter of the Emperor of the Great Sea—sought solace on an abandoned island far from home. There, she made alliances with a strange serpent and a sinister would-be king, in the hope that their untapped might could help seize her empire back. It was a hard-fought victory, but the true battle is far from over: diplomacy.”

Lunar Empress Ashe does not really stand out compared to her other skins. She is once again dressed in green, making this skin awfully similar to Fae Dragon. The entire scene in this one is dominantly gold, however, with hints of the translucent cloudy aura that she and her bow emits.

The skin doesn’t look exceptional in-game, either. Ashe and her abilities glow gold, with hints of green here and there. It’s not a bad purchase, but you’re probably better off buying one of her better and more unique skins.

No changes were reported for this skin after its PBE run.

Lunar Guardian Kha’Zix – 1350 RP

“Kha’Zix stalked the waters of Crescent Bay, his teeth and claws greeting anyone foolish enough to wander near. But there was something different about the Empress Ashe: she desired the same, unattainable power he craved. So he swore fealty to her—something he hadn’t done in centuries—ready to fight by her side for a taste at the life he once led.”

Lunar Guardian Kha’Zix does not look distinguishable in this splash art. Maybe we’re just not used to seeing him in broad daylight, or perhaps because his head has been replaced by that of a dragon’s. His signature claws are not also visible at first glance.

Kha’Zix already has a beige colored skin in Guardian of the Sands, and that might be the reason why despite being beige/gold in the splash art, Lunar Guardian Kha’Zix is mostly blue in-game. The gold is instead used sparingly, in his model highlights and skill effects. After evolving his ultimate, he ditches the blue for red, making him look like a tempered golden blade.

Post-PBE update:

  • Void Assault (R) Evolve SFX adjusted to better align with the animation

Lunar Guardian Malphite – 1350 RP

“Malphite was one of three guardians of the Yun Tal Empire, a demi-god of crag and magma, his brothers-in-arms a serpent of water and a spirit of nature. Their friendship ended in an instant, when one guardian’s infinitesimal betrayal led to the death of another. Now, Malphite stands alone with unwavering loyalty, desperate to restore his nation’s former glory, no matter the cost of lives.”

Again, these beast-like Lunar Revel skins are getting hard to distinguish. Lunar Guardian Malphite has the head of an ape and the bulkiest body you’ll ever see. Atop his back sits mountains with clouds that accent them and aid in gaining a sense of how big he is.

Malphite does not have much room for particles, so he makes up for it by having an obnoxiously golden in-game model. The unique silhouette that the clouds and the mountains give him once again makes it nearly indiscernible at first glance who this champion is.

Post-PBE update:

  • VFX
    • We’ve moved his Q more into the ground to feel less floaty and more threatening
  • SFX
    • Added more bass to the Q to increase impact intensity

Lunar Empress Qiyana – 1350 RP

“For some, forgiveness is a blessing; for Empress Qiyana, it is a necessity. Though the hostility between her empire and the Empire of the Great Sea is the fault of her sisters, she seeks atonement at this year’s banquet. The only barrier to a reconciliation with Empress Ashe is her pride… and a centuries-old grudge between her guardian Malphite and a newly resurfaced giant serpent.”

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Qiyana has ditched her louder outfits for Lunar Empress Qiyana. Instead, she wears a fuchsia dress that matches her Ohmlat. She seems to be posted on an elevated stage, gracing the people with the touch of her hand.

The fuchsia is more prominent in-game. Qiyana already has an incredibly unique silhouette due to her oversized weapon. Her ability animations are adorned with symbols that improve the thematic, the most satisfying of which are the effects on her Grass Q. As with the splash art, this skin is significantly more muted than the rest of her skins in terms of effect details and SFX.

Post-PBE update:

  • Model
    • Added more volume to the side of the pony tail and shrank the jewel slightly so the hair doesn’t read like a little bun
  • VFX
    • R impact intensity increased
    • Q Ice rain effect increased in size and opacity
    • Q Rock increased in the amount of debris to match the intensity of the rest of the kit
  • SFX
    • R changes to increase impact intensity

Lunar Emperor Thresh – 1350 RP

“Some are destined to rule. Others hear only echoes of glory, knowing nothing of the sacrifices that must be made! You must put your empire before EVERYTHING… even the lives of your subjects. The Emperor Thresh still guides his people, their souls forever safe, though their bodies were washed away. Someday, he’ll heal his broken empire. All he needs is a kind empress’ helping hand.”

Lunar Emperor Thresh places his iconic weapons up front in an attempt to be identifiable, because the rest of his body certainly does not do him any favors toward that goal. As we’re presented by his hook and lantern, the Emperor, who now has tusks, stands front and center. For a washed-up leader, Thresh is certainly keeping up with his workout as his mid-section looks rock hard.

Lunar Emperor Thresh looks beautiful in-game, his lantern glowing a regal gold and the rest of him is accented purple. A unique green glow adorns his head. There isn’t any funny business with his hook (looking at you, High Noon Thresh) and it seems even more visible than his base skin. The green glow makes a re-appearance when the lantern grants him and his teammate the shield, as well as subtle highlights during the E and R.

No changes were reported after this skin’s PBE run.