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Lakers icon Magic Johnson calls on NBA’s Adam Silver to give Celtics legend Bill Russell special honor after his passing

Magic Johnson, Adam Silver, Bill Russell

There are few greater players in the history of the NBA than Boston Celtics icon Bill Russell. This is exactly why Hall of Famer and Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson is calling for the league to honor this man with a gesture that is befitting of his tremendous contributions to the sport.

According to Johnson, NBA commissioner Adam Silver should retire Russell’s No. 6 jersey not only with the Celtics, but throughout the entire league as well:

“Commissioner Adam Silver should retire number 6 across the @NBA in honor of Bill Russell’s legacy!” Johsnon wrote in his tweet.

This has never been done in the history of the league and should Silver actually heed Johnson’s suggestion here, this would be a historic moment, no doubt. Then again, if there’s anyone who deserves this type of ultimate show of respect, then it has to be Bill Russell.

Russell was 88 when his family announced that he had passed away “peacefully” in his own home. It was a sad day for the NBA after it lost a true legend of the sport.

Athletes and personalities from in and around the league have been sending out their tribute messages for the fallen legend. Johnson himself published a very touching farewell message for his “idol” when the Lakers icon first heard the news. It is clear how highly Magic Johnson thinks of Bill Russell, and his recommendation here aims to celebrate the legacy of the 11-time NBA champion in the most unique way.