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Mo Bamba speaks on quick decision to cover gruesome injury of Devin Cannady

Mo Bamba, Devin Cannady, Magic

It would’ve been understandable if Orlando Magic center Mo Bamba closed his eyes and freaked out after seeing Devin Cannady’s gruesome ankle injury against the Indiana Pacers on Sunday. But in an expression of camaraderie, Bamba took off his jersey and used it to cover Cannady’s injured foot.

After the game, Bamba shared what was running through his head during the tense ordeal. Per Josh Robbins of The Athletic, He admitted that he covered Cannady’s leg so the injured guard won’t see the severity of it.

“I just saw my teammate was down, and I just did what he would probably do for me. I just thought quick and I didn’t want him to see (the injury). I just took my shirt off my back and gave it to him.”

Not many players would’ve done what Bamba did, which is completely understandable. Instinct would tell most players to get out of the way and let the medical personnel take charge. But Bamba stood by his fallen teammate.

For his gesture, Bamba received praise from several fans on Twitter.


Cannady’s ankle injury will require surgery and will miss the remainder of the Magic’s games.

It was a really unfortunate incident for the 24-year-old Devin Cannady, who is on a two-way contract with the Magic. He worked his tail off to get to the NBA after getting undrafted in 2019. He has only suited up in eight games before suffering the horrible injury. But for sure, Mo Bamba will be by his teammate’s side throughout his recovery.