Jude Bellingham, the rising star of Real Madrid, provided valuable insights into how his team managed to defeat Manchester City in a tense Champions League quarter-final showdown, reported by GOAL. Following Real Madrid's triumph on penalties, Bellingham shed light on the tactical approach and mental fortitude that propelled his side to victory.

Real Madrid's journey to the Champions League semi-finals was anything but straightforward. Despite facing an imposing Manchester City side at the Etihad Stadium, Los Blancos displayed remarkable resilience and determination. A hard-fought 1-1 draw in regular time led to a nerve-wracking penalty shootout, ultimately resulting in Real Madrid's advancement.

What Jude Bellingham said

Jude Bellingham Real Madrid

Speaking about the keys to Real Madrid's success, Bellingham highlighted the importance of focus, resilience, and teamwork. He emphasized the challenge of facing Manchester City's relentless attacking prowess and the need to maintain composure under pressure. Bellingham praised his teammates for their selflessness and collective effort, which proved decisive in securing victory.

“It’s relief. You put so much into the game, I’ve played against City before when you’re close and you think you’re going to get something and then they snatch it away. I’m dead on my feet at the end of the game so it’s a massive reward. It’s so difficult to keep focus, they move you around and put you in positions you don’t want to be in. Most teams would fall apart when City get on top but we stood up really well and worked hard.”

“You’ve got to see [the Real shirt] as a responsibility, not a pressure. You have to be willing to be under the scrutiny and spotlight. If you’re here it means you can handle it so trust the process. It’s incredible [to knock out the holders]. Today it’s come down to mentality, to running, to track [players]…you get that right and then the moments like the lads keeping their heads in penalties, it’s a mix of that.”

Jude Bellingham's season so far

Bellingham's debut season with Real Madrid has been nothing short of spectacular. The young midfielder expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to play for such a prestigious club and credited manager Carlo Ancelotti for fostering a positive team environment. Bellingham spoke highly of Ancelotti's leadership and tactical acumen, which allowed the players to express themselves freely on the pitch.

“I could never dream of it, not just the goals but the feeling of playing for the club every day – the badge on your chest every day is amazing and hopefully there are more nights like this,” he said.

“We had some different roles tonight in the team but there are adjustments and sacrifices to your own game you have to make. Our biggest strength is [Ancelotti] finds a way to let the boys play with freedom. Other teams are structured with their patterns of play but we’re so off the cuff at times. I caught him yawning before the game and he said ‘you need to go and excite me’! That’s the calmness he brings.”

What's next for Real Madrid after beating Manchester City

Real Madrid's Jude Bellingham told to keep his mouth shut by Carlo Ancelotti

Real Madrid's victory over Manchester City adds another chapter to their storied history in the Champions League. With six eliminations of the holders in the knockout stages, Real Madrid's dominance in Europe is unmatched. Bellingham's revelation about the team's winning mentality and adaptability reflects their commitment to excellence and pursuit of glory.

As Real Madrid prepares for a semi-final showdown against Bayern Munich, Bellingham remains confident in his team's abilities. He emphasized the importance of approaching each match with respect and determination, highlighting the upcoming Clasico clash against Barcelona as another crucial test. With their sights set on both domestic and European success, Real Madrid is poised to continue their pursuit of glory under the guidance of Carlo Ancelotti.