Tensions at Manchester United have reached boiling point as manager Erik ten Hag finds himself at odds with star player Marcus Rashford. The rift between the two has deepened following Rashford's recent off-field antics and a string of lackluster performances on the pitch.

The latest incident saw Rashford infuriate his manager by indulging in late-night partying in Belfast just hours before a training session. To compound matters, Rashford attempted to deceive ten Hag about the timing of the incident, exacerbating the manager's frustration.

Despite being called in for an explanation, Rashford's actions have strained his relationship with ten Hag, with the manager expressing his disappointment publicly. This rift follows previous disciplinary issues, including Rashford's controversial birthday celebrations immediately after a devastating defeat to Manchester City.

With Manchester United grappling with injuries, Rashford's form has been intensely scrutinized. Despite being reinstated into the squad after the incident, Rashford's performances have failed to impress, leaving many questioning his commitment and focus.

In a recent defeat to Fulham, Rashford's struggles were laid bare as he failed to impact the game significantly. With just two shots and minimal involvement in the opposition box, Rashford's performance mirrored the team's overall lackluster display.

Ten Hag faces a dilemma as Manchester United prepares for a crucial FA Cup clash against Nottingham Forest. He is compelled to persist with Rashford upfront with limited options due to injuries, despite concerns over his recent form and off-field conduct.

The growing discord between manager and player underscores Manchester United's challenges as they strive to regain their former glory. With pressure mounting on both fronts, ten Hag and Rashford must find common ground to salvage the team's season before irreparable damage is done.