The San Diego Padres have been one of the busiest teams throughout the MLB offseason. San Diego has just made arguably their biggest move yet, as the Padres signed Manny Machado to an 11-year, $350 million contract extension.

Machado has been with the Padres since 2019. In four years, Machado has hit .280 with 108 home runs, 340 RBI and 32 stolen bases. He hasn't hit lower than .256 in San Diego and has 28+ home runs every year except the CO-VID shortened 2020 season. Machado has been an All Star the past two seasons and still finished third in NL MVP voting during that 2020 season.

Machado's extension shows the Padres' commitment to the third baseman. His new deal keeps Machado under team control until 2034, when the third baseman will be 41-years-old. His deal also contains a no-trade clause, meaning Machado is truly locked in with San Diego.

The Padres have made their World Series intentions clear. But how does Manny Machado's new contract extension truly grade out for San Diego.

Machado's Padres paycheck

Machado's new contract extension is the fourth-highest in terms of total money in MLB history. The Padres' gave Machado a massive bag, but it has become the standard for star players in the league today.

Rafael Devers, the Red Sox third baseman, signed a 10-year $313.5 million extension with the Red Sox. He now holds the seventh-largest contract in league history, just three spots below Machado. Fernando Tatis Jr., Machado's Padres teammate, signed a 14-year, $340 million extension, making him the sixth-highest paid player ever.

Machado had already stated he was planning to opt out of his deal following the season. San Diego knew they had to come in with a big number to keep him with the Padres.

The longevity of the deal could come back to hurt the Padres. It's hard to imagine Machado playing at an All Star level until 41. However, it essentially keeps Machado in San Diego for the rest of his career. It may have been a lot of money, but the Padres were willing to do whatever it took to retain their star.

Grade: A-

Winning Time

In the four years Machado has been with the Padres, San Diego has had three winning seasons and reached the postseason twice. It's a stark contrast from what the team was prior to his arrival.

The Padres have gone 275-271 the past four seasons. They reached the NLDS in 2020 and the NLCS in 2022. Prior to Machado, San Diego's last winning season came in 2010. Their last playoff appearance was all the way back in 2006.

Machado has completely elevated the Padres and made them into a true contender. Obviously his play is what led to him earning a massive contract extension. However, San Diego gets major credit for recognizing that success and doing everything in their power to retain him.

Throughout sports, teams and owners have looked for ways to cut costs. The Padres valued winning. Their extension with Machado shows just how committed the team is to bringing a World Series back to San Diego.

Grade: A+

Sign of the times

The Padres had already spent millions in free agency building out their roster. It made sense for them to lock down one of their key cogs.

On offense, San Diego signed Xander Bogaerts, Nelson Cruz and Matt Carpenter. Bogaerts got the longest deal at 11-years, $280 million. Carpenter got a two-year, $16 million deal while Cruz signed a one-year deal for $1 million. It was clear the Padres wanted to improve on offense.

But they didn't stop there. They also signed pitchers Michael Wacha and Seth Lugo. Wacha got a four-year, $26 million deal while Lugo signed for two years and $15 million.

With the Padres willing to sign outsiders, it would've been against their strategy to let Machado walk. Still, San Diego's 2023 payroll is now the third-highest in the league at just over $250 million. While the deal to Manny Machado made sense, San Diego's overall offseason spending might come back to hurt them in the long run.

Grade: B+

Overall Grade

When the Padres played in the NLCS this past season, it was the first time San Diego competed for the pennant since 1998, when they lost in the World Series. The Padres don't want to wait another 20+ years for a shot at the title.

Machado's extension was the crown jewel of the Padres' offseason. They have squarely put themselves into the hunt. While the Dodgers might be viewed as the best team in the NL West, San Diego is looking to change the narrative.

It's a lot of money and in the latter years of the deal, it could haunt the team. But the Padres have proven they're focused on the now. Between their free agent additions this offseason, their trades for Juan Soto and Josh Haders last year and now Machado, the Padres are loaded with talent.

Whatever Manny Machado looks like in those last few years of the deal, San Diego is happy to have him now. His extension ensures the Padres' World Series window stays open. Which in the end, is their ultimate goal.

Grade: A