The San Diego Padres have signed Manny Machado to an 11-year, $350 million contract extension, locking up the third baseman for the next decade-plus. The deal eliminates the possibility of Machado becoming a free agent after the 2023 MLB season and makes him one of the richest baseball players of all time.

Manny Machado entered spring training with six years and $180 million left on his contract with the Padres. Machado's extension includes five additional years and $170 million. The Padres have given Machado a full-no trade clause, according to The Athletic.

Machado's original contract had included an opt-out clause that would've allowed him to hit free agency next winter. When Machado and the Padres didn't agree to an extension by the third baseman's self-imposed Feb. 16 deadline, it seemed that the superstar was on his way toward testing the open market in the upcoming offseason.

In the early days of spring training, Padres owner Peter Seidler significantly increased the offer that was made to Machado before Feb. 16, The Athletic reports. Machado ignored his deadline and took the additional $170 million.

Machado's contract is now the fourth-largest in MLB history. Only Mike Trout, Mookie Betts and Aaron Judge are signed to more lucrative deals. If Machado isn't traded or doesn't retire before his contract is up, the Padres will pay the third baseman $500 million over the course of 15 years.

Given the contracts handed out this past offseason, Machado was likely headed for a massive payday if he became a free agent. The New York Yankees gave Aaron Judge a nine-year, $360 million contract. San Diego signed Xander Bogaerts to an 11-year, $280 million deal.

The extension keeps Machado under contract through the 2033 season, during which he'll turn 41 years old.

Prior to the 2019 MLB season, Machado and Bryce Harper were the top stars in free agency. San Diego took much of the league by surprise when it signed Machado to a 10-year, $300 million contract. Through four seasons, the 30-year-old has been worthy of the deal.

Machado is hitting .280/.352/504 in his Padres' career. He hasn't missed more than 12 games in any season. Machado finished third in the 2020 NL MVP race. As the runner-up in the 2022 NL MVP runner-up, Machado hit 32 home runs with a .898 OPS.

The Padres reached the 2022 NLCS and are among the favorites to represent the NL in the 2023 World Series.