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Marcellus Wiley: How has LeBron James been so durable during his career?

With countless 7 NBA finals appearances, 3 championships, and 4 MVP awards, you might be wondering how does LeBron do it? How is he so good? At AthletiQA, many of our users were wondering the same question. Luckily, we got one of our verified All-Stars, Marcellus Wiley to answer some questions for us recently, and below you’ll find what he has to say about LeBron. You might be wondering, what is AthletiQA. Well AthletiQA.com is an intelligent and social sports Q&A website where athletes and experts are directly answering questions for their fans on the most relevant sports topics. Check them out at www.athletiqa.com and their recent feature on Product Hunt.

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See what Marcellus Wiley (NFL Veteran, ESPN Broadcaster, Analyst and Entrepreneur, thinks about the new number 23:

Some conversations in athletics are evergreen.  Nature vs. Nature, Durable vs. Injury Prone.  Even if you don’t believe in a higher being, their is no doubt that LeBron got in the stud line twice, and may have gotten cuts on coming back for thirds.  He’s the most physically gifted athlete in sports history! (Sorry Bo Jackson) Take it from a guy who couldn’t stay healthy in his 10 year career, (moi) injuries are fickle.   LeBron has been physically gifted by nature and has taken care of that gift with work ethic, discipline, hard work, and that secret ingredient of good, old-fashioned luck.

Marcellus isn’t the only one to have a say about how LeBron has made such a successful career playing the game of basketball. Elliot Thornton (Devoted Journalist, Sports Enthusiast, and Athlete) shared his thoughts below:

I would say it’s been his commitment to excellence from an early age that has kept Lebron James in the best shape and durable all of his life. Coming in to the league as a 19-year old who already had the size and build of a veteran, LeBron James was able to turn his focus on regenerating and maintaining his body while playing rather than reforming it.

Stretching, movement, flexibility became the young star’s priority and not moving up in weight whenever he lifted. This is ultimately a God given trait and talent. Some people are blessed with natural ability to perform and maintain at a high level and LeBron James is simply one of them. Hence, this is one of the many reason why many considered him the “chosen one” coming out of high school.

He has always had his 6-8″ frame and more or less been around the weight of 240 pounds. When you have been granted these types of characteristics the bar of expectation can only go up in terms of talent, athleticism, and longevity.

The Akron native has dealt with subtle injuries in the past such as sprained ankles, strained back, and tense muscle spasms but to put it in plain terms LeBron James has not sustained a notable setback throughout his career because, well, he’s LeBron James.

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