Mark Cuban tells Dennis Smith Jr. to delete 'stupid' tweets
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Mark Cuban tells Dennis Smith Jr. to delete ‘stupid’ tweets

Marc Cuban

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is a jolly fellow by nature. But when it comes to protecting his assets, he’s as serious as they come.

When the Mavericks selected point guard Dennis Smith Jr. with the ninth-overall pick at this year’s NBA Draft, they couldn’t possibly have known what sort of skeletons the NC State product would have in his social media closet.

Leave it to the internet to dig up some dirt; TotalProSports recently did some sleuthing on Smith and ran into a rather NSFW tweet.

That lewd tweet among many others have since been deleted by Smith — most probably at the command of Cuban, who went on record in an interview during an ESPN Summer League broadcast telling the 19-year-old to delete “a lot of stupid stuff” on his Twitter account.

Smith isn’t the first high-profile rookie this year to go under scrutiny for some obscene posts on social media. At this year’s NFL Draft, second-overall pick Mitchell Trubisky of the Chicago Bears had some rather raunchy tweets of his own that he should’ve wiped clean before the internet got a sniff of them.

While Cuban seems like a cool boss to work for, he could be a Grinch sometimes, especially when it comes to his players’ reputations, and Smith will be better off learning from this lesson in the long run.