Marvel has unleashed a trailer that is set to ignite the hearts of superhero enthusiasts everywhere, as it offers a glimpse into the “origin story” of none other than Stan Lee, Digital Spy learns.

The documentary, aptly titled Stan Lee, serves as a heartfelt tribute to the life and creative genius behind some of the most iconic characters in comic book and movie history.

Scheduled to premiere on Disney+ on June 16, the film showcases “His origin story. His legacy. In his own words.”

Announced on what would have been Stan Lee's 100th birthday, the documentary delves into the remarkable career of the legendary figure in the comic book industry. Born in 1922 during the challenging times of the Great Depression, Lee's modest upbringing and love for reading laid the foundation for his extraordinary journey. In the trailer, he recalls, “I would read everything I could get my hands on… and man, I felt as though I could go anywhere.”

Lee's passion for storytelling and his relentless pursuit of imagination shaped the Marvel Universe that has captivated audiences worldwide. He shares, “What I tried to do was write the kind of stories I would want to read.”

The trailer highlights Lee's infectious positivity, with a commentator describing him as constantly “upbeat” and rarely displaying anger. Behind-the-scenes glimpses reveal joyful moments shared with Marvel talents, including actor Paul Rudd from Ant-Man, as well as footage showcasing Lee's beloved cameo appearances in various Marvel films.

As the trailer unfolds, another voiceover from Lee resonates, emphasizing the power of entertainment in a world filled with challenges: “There are so many bad things in the world that if you can entertain somebody for a while, it is a good thing.”

Marvel fans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Stan Lee documentary on Disney+. With its release just around the corner, the film promises to celebrate the incredible legacy and indomitable spirit of a visionary creator who left an indelible mark on the world of superheroes.

Stan Lee will be available for streaming on Disney+ starting June 16, and anticipation is soaring among Marvel enthusiasts.