Here is our beginner’s guide to Marvel’s Midnight Suns, perfect for those who are just starting out, or for those who want to plan ahead.

For starters, let’s talk about the game itself. Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a tactical RPG where players take control of various superheroes. Players will use these superheroes to combat various enemies in card-based battles. Not only that, but players will have to manage their time as the game does have some life simulator mechanics attached to it. It is available on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC. Sadly, the Nintendo Switch version of the game is no longer coming. A week ago, they announced that there were no longer any plans to bring the game to the Nintendo Switch. In the same announcement, they said that the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game will still come out on May 11, 2023.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into our Marvel’s Midnight Suns Beginner’s guide.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Beginner’s Guide

Explore the Abbey

The Abbey is your base of operations. You arrive here after the tutorial and that is where you’ll spend most of the game. While here, you can actually choose to explore the outside. I say choose because exploring the Abbey is completely optional. It is very much possible to finish Midnight Suns without going outside. However, you will miss quite a lot of content. This includes various upgrades and benefits that will definitely help you in the game. This includes various armor sets, as well as access to important features such as Agatha’s Cauldron. Taking the time to explore the Abbey now and then will benefit you in the long run.

Do your daily chores

Speaking of taking time, it’s also important to do your daily chores before every mission. As I mentioned before, this game has some semblance of a life simulator. This means that players must go to the Forge, Yard, or other similar locations before missions. Once players finish a mission and it becomes night, these locations are no longer available. That would be a waste if you did not use them before heading out on your mission. Always make it a habit to do these tasks before heading out.

Pet the Pets

As in real life, you must always remember to pet the Abbey pets. That is, you must look for Charlie the dog and Ebony the cat. Petting them is not just a way for you to relieve the stress you may be feeling from playing the game. It has added benefits as well. Petting Charlie increases your friendship with her. which in turn lets you use her in battles. Although Charlie is expensive to use, her abilities are strong, which you can unlock by petting her every day.

Ebony, on the other hand, is more random. Sometimes, petting her does nothing. All you get is the satisfaction of petting a cat. When she does give you something, however, her boons are really powerful. She can level everyone up, boost one of your stats, or even heal any injuries your heroes may have.

Injuries must be taken care of ASAP

Speaking of injuries, you need to make sure that any injuries your heroes sustain are immediately cared for. Heroes get injured whenever they fall in battle. These injuries are not just for show, however. They affect your heroes in various ways, like decreasing their health. Injuries also vary from minor to severe, with the severe ones giving bigger debuffs to your heroes. When your hero falls and receives an injury, you can do one of three options. For option one, you can choose to leave the injured hero in the Abbey for the next mission. This lets them recover, letting you use them again. The second option is to upgrade your Yard. The Yard has a specific upgrade that lets you turn injuries into bonuses. This is really helpful down the line.

The third and final option is, of course, to load up an older save file and redo the mission in an easier difficulty. This is, however, not really recommended.

Change your Difficulty regularly

Reducing your game’s difficulty does make it easier for you to clear missions. There is merit to doing that if you think you need it. However, it pays to change your difficulty to a higher one every now and then. Sure, the enemies are tougher at higher difficulties, and sometimes more numerous too. The thing is, the same goes for the rewards you get. When battling at higher difficulties, players get more EXP and Gloss, the currency for cosmetics. The fights will be harder, but the rewards will be more plentiful. After all, leveling your characters is an important part of this game.

Upgrade everyone, not just your main team

Each team consists of three heroes, which you can pick from a fairly big roster. However, that doesn’t mean that you will only level 3 of the available heroes in the game. Some missions require the use of a specific hero, and you will have a bad time if you field an underdeveloped, underprepared hero. Although you will only be able to really max three or so characters, it’s important to put the effort into improving everyone’s stats. This includes unlocking their skills and passives, befriending them, and more.

Upgrade your Abbey facilities

Other than the characters themselves, players must also always remember to upgrade the Abbey’s facilities. Specifically, you must remember to upgrade The Forge, The War Room, and the Yard. This is done through research assignments, which you can do once a day. Learning these research assignments’ requirements, and planning your missions around them is the key to improving your facilities. This in turn will improve your power and strength in Midnight Suns.

The Hunter is your Wild Card

Your character, the Hunter, is valuable in that they can take on any role you might need. As such, you can take advantage of that by changing their abilities up to what’s needed for each mission. For example, if you’re required to take a hero that’s already innately tanky like Captain America, you can forego the tank skills and just go for attack and support. In the same way, if you already have a strong support unit on your team, you can make your Hunter take on a tank role. Take advantage of Hunter’s flexibility, and build your teams well.

Build your Teams based on your missions.

Since we are on the topic of teams, you need to remember to switch your teams up to match the mission’s objectives. If your objective is to protect something, bring in tanks to draw enemy attacks. If you just need to kill a whole bunch of enemies, you can choose to bring a lot of damage dealers. Although you have the freedom to build the team you want, building the right one for the job will help increase your chances of winning. Of course, you can just go all-in with a fully offensive team. This could potentially be fun, but you will have a hard time, especially on higher difficulties.

Don’t rush your fights

When in battles, it’s important for you to take your time and not just go in guns blazing. Check out the mission’s stage, and find terrain that could be useful to you. Move your characters over to locations where they can utilize environmental attacks. Hover over enemies to see their stats, as well as who they are targeting. Players must take in all of this information, and figure out the plans that will help them achieve victory.

That’s all of the tips and tricks that we have for you in Marvel’s Midnight Suns Beginner’s Guide. The best teacher is still hands-on experience, so head on out there and save the world.

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