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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Player Decision Statistics Released

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Player Decision Statistics Released

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition released back in May, bringing everyone back to one of the most beloved Sci-Fi properties in gaming. It also allowed us the option of making different choices this time around. However, we all know that we made the exact same choices as we did before (at least I know I did).

BioWare released some player choice statistics today, detailing some major decisions. You can see the infographic they made below:

Fans of the Turian bad-boy vigilante, Garrus Vakarian, will be glad to know he remains the most popular squadmate. He is closely followed by fellow dextro and Quarian tech expert Tali. Garrus also remained the “most likely to survive the suicide mission” in Mass Effect 2. Great choice, everyone.

It is also interesting to note that most players are pretty vanilla when it comes to designing their Shepard. Male, Earthborn, and Soldier are the most commonly chosen gender, background and class. Survivor was the most popular psychological background however, garnering 44% – this is closely followed by War Hero with 43%.

However, 6% of people let Wrex perish in Virmire, depriving themselves of seeing the Krogan companion’s full character development arc. Speaking of Virmire, 60% of people chose to save Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams over Biotic Kaidan Alenko as well.

It’s also good to know most people cured the Genophage and pardoned Tali – both statistics stand at 96%. Additionally, 80% of players also chose to exert extra effort to achieve peace in Rannoch. Interestingly though, second place went to people siding with the Geth at 11%, with only 9% siding with the Quarians. The most relateable statistic is, of course, 100% of people spending way too long looking for their last Keeper in Mass Effect 1.