The Dallas Mavericks have announced that Kristaps Porzingis will not return to the game on Monday night. The Mavericks are playing the Cleveland Cavaliers. He will not return due to a right ankle sprain.

Hopefully, this is nothing and just the Mavericks being cautious as Porzingis has dealt with many injuries throughout his career. He's finally starting to play like he was with the New York Knicks prior to his injuries. He's been able to average 20.5 points per game with 8.1 rebounds.

This would be a tough blow for the Mavericks if Porzingis is hurt. The Mavericks are having a decent season as they are 10-8 and sit fourth in the Western Conference. If they want to be serious contenders this season, they're going to need everybody healthy. Hopefully, this isn't anything that will keep Porzingis out for a lengthy amount of time.

They are currently getting blown out against the Cavaliers, 109-87. Before getting injured, Porzingis was not having a great night for the Mavericks. He only had nine points and five rebounds in 25 minutes of action.

The Mavericks are an interesting team. They definitely have the talent to make a run deep in the playoffs. If Porzingis can keep up the type of production that he has, and they can make it move around the trade deadline, they might be a team to watch out for come playoff time. It is unclear how severe his injury is at the moment, but expect updates to come after the game is finished.