Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones recently shared his thoughts on Mark Cuban's sale of the Dallas Mavericks. Cuban sold a majority stake of the Mavs to Miriam Adelson, and Jones, who knows a thing or two about owning a professional sports team, got brutally honest on Cuban's decision.

“As far as the decision Mark [Cuban] made, I’ll go along with his decisions anytime,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan, via dallasnews.com. “He knows how to make good ones and he’s made them. He’s got a great story of his career and what he’s done and he didn’t do that being dumb. I promise you, this will be in the best interest, in my mind, of sports and the Mavericks fans.”

Jones is also confident in Adelson, who bought the majority stake of the team from Mark Cuban. Money won't be an issue for her, as she is the fifth richest woman in the world.

“She’s outstanding,” Jones said of Adelson. “She’s a doctor, she came from Israel as an adult, is savvy, savvy, savvy. And she’s got a good organization with her there and will unquestionably do a great job.”

Mark Cuban's shocking Mavs sale

Adelson likely will do a good job. Nevertheless, Cuban's decision caught everyone by surprise. Cuban still intends to play a big role for the Mavs. He will remain the head of basketball operations for the team.

Cuban intends to keep the Mavs in Dallas, and the billionaire has other big plans that could come to fruition down the road.