Mavs news: Dirk Nowitzki comments on investigation into franchise
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Mavs’ Dirk Nowitzki comments on investigation into franchise

Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki is the indisputable franchise star for the Dallas Mavericks. The seven-foot German has spent his entire career with the Mavericks. He spearheaded them to a championship in 2011, when the Mavs beat the LeBron James-led Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. However, for years Nowitzki has ranked as one of the best centers in the NBA.

Recently, the Mavericks have been embroiled in several sexual assault allegations from former employees. Former female employees have come out declaring that high ranking executives sexually assaulted them. This is a large gut punch for the entire Mavericks organization. There are already rumors that imply that Mark Cuban and other members of the franchise knew about this behavior and remained quiet.

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No one is certain of the true nature of the allegations currently, but a full-scale investigation by the Mavericks ownership will likely get down to the bottom of this incident. What makes this incident so embarrassing is that the NBA is also cooperating with the investigation, while the rest of the league looks on in disgust. Nowitzki appeared to be very disgusted with the allegations made against his team.

According to Eddie Sefko of Dallas News, Nowitzki feels terrible about the whole ordeal towards ‘his franchise’.

Dirk Nowitzki on the investigation of the Mavs: “It’s very disappointing. It’s heartbreaking. I’m glad it’s all coming out. I was disgusted when I read the article, obviously, as everybody was. I was shocked … that our franchise, my franchise, that stuff like that was going on”

The Mavs apparently have a lot of explaining to do. Dirk Nowitzki appears to want some answers as well.