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Dirk Nowitzki roasts himself on Twitter anew with message to Mark Cuban

Dirk Nowitzki, mark cuban

If there’s one thing you can say about Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki and his battle with Father Time, it’s that the 40-year-old is aging as gracefully as one can. The Mavs big man has always been open about his rather advanced age and has proven it yet again by roasting himself anew.

Nowitzki shared a photo on his Twitter account standing next to the Lympo logo (a popular health and fitness app that has recently signed a sponsorship/partnership agreement with the Mavs) and implied that this was pertaining to himself. Nowitzki even thanked team owner Mark Cuban for generously “dedicating” the facility to him.

Due to his wealth of experience as an NBA player (read: old age), there are some (at times even Nowitzki himself) who have jokingly labeled Dirk as a “limping old man.” Perhaps this is what Nowitzki was referencing here, as he has had his fair share of injuries throughout his tenured career.

Nonetheless, despite what some might imply about Nowitzki, he is actually a very durable player. Since Dirk hit 35, he has played in at least 75 games in four of the last five seasons. This is definitely a testament to his robust nature and is actually a much better record than that of some of his younger counterparts.

With his fondness to self-depreciating humor, Dirk Nowitzki has established himself as one of the most endearing personalities in the Twitterverse. If he indeed decides to call it a career within the next year or so, we will at least still have his Twitter profile to fall back on.