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VIDEO: Mavs’ Luka Doncic has eyes in the back of his head with sneaky dime to Dwight Powell

Luka Doncic Dwight Powell Mavs

There are many reasons why Dallas Mavericks guard Luka Doncic is tagged as the next face of the NBA. One of them is that he has eyes in the back of his head which he utilizes to deliver sneaky dimes.

Doncic fooled the Sacramento Kings on Sunday after dishing out a no-look pass to Dwight Powell who finished the play off with a two-handed slam. From the looks of it, Doncic had nowhere to go. The Kings seemed to have clamped the Slovenian up. But great players do great things. The Mavs star is always a step ahead of everyone else.

Many have compared Doncic with basketball legends like LeBron James, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird. All three aforementioned players have the superb vision and passing skills. But most analysts and fans believe that Doncic’s style is much closer to that of Bird. Both of them do not reek of athleticism but make up for his with their sneaky and deceptive offensive arsenal. The Mavs faithful certainly don’t mind the comparison.

But amid all the comparisons, Doncic stands out as a player with unique and oozing talent. Mavs fans are one of the luckiest in the world to have them in their squad. The kid’s a legend in the making.