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Mavs’ Luka Doncic reacts to Kings’ De’Aaron Fox’s dunk rating


Luka Doncic is the shining hope for the Dallas Mavericks. He is expected to continue the tradition that the team is to be led by an outstanding European alongside Kristaps Porzingis. However, the Mavs rising star is still a young one and can be easily impressed by video games. With NBA 2K20’s release, players got to see how the influential basketball video game assesses their abilities. Players care about their ratings in the yearly franchise a lot as it is a reflection of their performance the previous year. De’Aaron Fox of the Sacramento Kings was quick to playfully hit out at 2K for giving him a low dunk rating.

The Kings guard answered the question about his dunk rating with successive images of him flying towards the hoop. Given his on-court dunks, it’s fair to say that 2K probably made the wrong move.

Doncic jumped in on the conversation and peppered the tweet with his own self-deprecating brand of humor.

While the eye test does show that the Slovenian guard doesn’t have the biggest hops in the NBA, he is really selling himself short. A quick YouTube search shows the Wonder Boy slamming it down amongst giants.

There was also the time Doncic managed to block LeBron James, his idol, twice.

Moreover, his performance doesn’t rely on his athleticism at all. He managed to score 21.2 points a night just by being crafty with his shots and pulling off the occasional stepback. While he does slash to the rim from time to time, he doesn’t rely on that exclusively.

Moreover, Doncic has been working on his body to fulfill his promise to Mark Cuban. Recent posts on social media show the guard looking leaner and stronger.

He may have not shown us emphatic dunks last year, but we can probably expect more athletic plays from him this coming season.