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Mark Cuban confident Mavs can win protest over loss to Hawks

Mavs, Mark Cuban, Hawks

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban had plenty of gripes with the officials following the Mavs’ loss to the Atlanta Hawks last Feb. 22.

Cuban and Dallas filed an official protest with the NBA, asking for the final nine seconds of the Saturday game to be replayed. And the Mavs owner feels confident they can win their protest.

The decision to protest stems from a Dorian Finney-Smith blocked shot that was inadvertently whistled for goaltending, resulting in a tip-in for Hawks forward John Collins to make the score 111-107 Hawks.

Although referee Rodney Mott ruled Collins’ tip-in was still a “continuation” of the play after the whistle, the Mavs feel the whistle should have resulted in a jump ball, with the score reverting to 109-107. Obviously, a jump ball would give the Mavs another chance at a final possession, which simultaneously might allow them the chance to tie (or even win) the game.

Cuban immediately took to Twitter to voice his displeasure with the referees following the game.

Ultimately, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is the man with all the power in this situation. Silver renders the final decision, which is expected to come before any potential discipline of Cuban for his comments.

Mark Cuban might feel the Mavs have a decent case to win the protest, but history says otherwise.

Only three of 35 protests have been upheld in the history of the league, with the last one coming in 2007. The Houston Rockets previously protested a game against the San Antonio Spurs earlier this season after the officiating crew failed to count a James Harden dunk. The Rockets would go on to lose the game in double-overtime, but their protest was denied by the league.