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Mark Cuban’s message to Donald Trump about resuming NBA, reopening America

Mark Cuban, Mavs, Donald Trump

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban wants the NBA to return as much as anyone else as Americans continue to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic. However, the Mavs owner wants to ensure the league — and the American economy — will be restarted under the proper pretenses.

Cuban is on President Donald Trump’s economic panel to help reopen American, and he hopes to tell Trump the country needs a “task force” to investigate the nuances and details necessary to assess the feasibility of reopening businesses.

Via Conor Roche of Boston.com:

Cuban said he has a message he wants to tell Trump the next time they meet.

“Not to take a chance and get it all right,” Cuban said of his message to Trump. “I think what’s missing and what I’ll say to him the next time we convene, is we need a task force that deals with all the little things that are required to open up any business. It’s not just about opening up an arena, but when we have any type of opening.”

Cuban also added that creating a task force to set guidelines on when to reopen things will help take the pressure off businesses to make the call themselves.

“There are so many things that go into opening up the economy and getting it right so we don’t have a resurgence of the disease,” Cuban said. “That’s one of the things I’ll be focusing on — detail, detail, detail — so that the smallest of business doesn’t feel like they’re making it worse and can open up with confidence and safety.”

Cuban was one of the first owners to applaud NBA Commissioner Adam Silver on the decision to shut down the league last month, and he was also among the first to insist the Mavs would install a payment plan for arena employees.

The outspoken Cuban also reiterated he is optimistic the NBA will return at some point this summer during an appearance on FanSided’s “Da Windy City” podcast.

However, Cuban wants to make sure the country’s leaders are on the same page in terms of assuring a safe return to normalcy.