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Salah Mejri threatened to come into Blazers locker room after altercation

Salah Mejri

This season, the NBA is starting to transition more to the activities of the WWE. Players are constantly getting into it with one another, which is common. However, they are starting to make plans to meet each other after games. In this social media age, these incidents are captured now more than ever before. On Saturday night, the Portland Trail Blazers defeated the Dallas Mavericks 117-108. Late in the fourth quarter, things got chippy with Salah Mejri and Jusuf Nurkic. In the aftermath, Mejri expressed his intentions to invade the Blazers’ locker room after the game.

The whole incident seems highly nonsensical. After Mejri tried to finish, Nurkic contested the shot and the two locked arms. It appeared that Nurkic pushed Mejri first, but the incident didn’t warrant Mejri to threaten the Blazers. In fact, Mejri blatantly flopped after the play and then proceeded to shouting insults towards the Blazers, giving his word that he would enter the Blazers’ locker room and start a fight.

Apparently, none of the players of the Trail Blazers seemed frightened by Mejri’s motives. In the video, Nurkic justified what he did, Evan Turner laughed at the incident, and CJ McCollum gave a stern warning to Mejri and the Mavericks.

If they really want to fight, they know where to find people.

This isn’t the first time that Mejri has gotten into a heated moment with another player. Against the Warriors, Mejri caught the ire of Jordan Bell, and the whole incident spilled to social media. Understandably, these things happen in the NBA and as long as players know their boundaries, everything should be fine.