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RUMOR: Mavs star Luka Doncic and Zion Williamson have something in common — and it’s troubling

Mavs, Luka Doncic, Zion Williamson

The Dallas Mavericks suffered a tough loss on Tuesday as they fell to the mighty Brooklyn Nets, 102-99. Luka Doncic was able to play through his injuries on Tuesday but unfortunately for him and the Mavs, his 28-point effort was not enough against Kevin Durant and Co.

After the game, Doncic himself admitted that he was dealing with significant pain during the game. The Mavs superstar has been dealing with an ankle injury of late and he was actually tagged as questionable for Tuesday’s matchup. Luka did not look like his usual self against Brooklyn, which has prompted a lot of criticism about his weight and conditioning.

Another star that has been dealing with a similar problem is Zion Williamson of the New Orleans Pelicans. Much has been made about how Zion is currently overweight and how this has been a factor in his extended rehab process. Apparently, Doncic could be on the same boat as well:

Sources told Tim MacMahon of ESPN that Doncic reported to training camp weighing more than 260 pounds for the second consecutive year.

Doncic did look sluggish against the Nets, which to some extent, could be blamed on the fact that he missed the Mavs’ last game. Then again, it also cannot be denied that Luka isn’t in the best shape of his life right now. Even Doncic himself seems to agree with this notion:

“People are going to talk about it, yes or no,” Doncic said about his lack of conditioning. “I know I’ve got to do better.”

“I had a long summe. I had the Olympics, took three weeks off, and I relaxed a little bit. Maybe too much. I’ve just got to get back on track.”

The good news here is that Doncic himself has acknowledged his shortcomings. It’s not like he’s in a state of denial about his weight problem, so this is definitely a good starting point for both him and the Mavs.

Zion Williamson, on the other hand, has yet to play a single minute for the Pelicans this season. He’s reportedly closing in on his season debut for the Pelicans, but unsurprisingly, there have been a couple of setbacks yet again. Right now, the general belief is that unless he gets in better shape, injuries will continue to be a thorn in his side.