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Video: Mavs’ Dennis Smith Jr. airballs a free throw

Dennis Smith Jr., Mavs

Dallas Mavericks guard Dennis Smith Jr. certainly has a lot to improve when it comes to his shooting, including his free throws.

While the Mavs’ star can throw the basketball with force and produce highlight reel materials with his nasty dunks, his shooting leaves much to be desired. And that was even more evident when he air-balled a free throw — of all things!

In the second quarter of their match with the New York Knicks, Dennis Smith Jr. went to the charity stripe after he was fouled from the 3-point line. The 20-year-old guard made his first free throw, but the second one totally missed the target and barely touched the net.

Dennis Smith Jr. is currently shooting 75 percent from the free-throw line, and that will only get worse with moments like this one. The good thing, though, is that average is better than his rookie average of 69.4 percent.

Prior to the match with the Knicks, the Mavs are only making 74.7 percent of their freebies, so they really need Dennis Smith Jr. and the other players to improve on that area.

DeAndre Jordan has been one of the best free-throw shooters for the team so far, and if the Mavs can work their magic on a player with a horrendous reputation from the charity stripe, surely they can do it to Smith Jr. and to the whole team as well.