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Video: Luka Doncic shows off soccer skills with ridiculous HORSE shot

Mavs, luka doncic

Luka Doncic, the Wonder Boy of the Mavs, has been in the league less than two full seasons, yet he is already widely regarded as one of the best players in the league.

In his second season, with only one major addition to the roster (Kristaps Porzingis), Doncic has transformed the Mavs from a middling, mid-tier lottery team to a firmly entrenched playoff contender.

Now, as teams are beginning to return to practice in advance of the NBA’s return on July 30 in Orlando, Luka showed some magical soccer skills with this ridiculous HORSE shot:

As you can see, even when he’s booting a basketball from beyond the three-point line, Doncic’s “jumper” is still rock-solid. Then, as is fitting of a soccer celebration, the 21-year-old Mavs superstar sprinted off with his hands in the air. How can you not love this guy?

Well, one reason would be if you had to play against him or rooted for any team other than the Mavs. After a stunning rookie campaign in which he took home Rookie of the Year honors, Doncic improved across the board in his second season – upping his per-game averages to staggering heights: 28.7 points per game, 9.3 rebounds per game, 8.7 assists per game and 1.1 steals per game.

Couple those numbers with a sterling advanced statistical profile in which he ranks 12th in win shares (8.1), seventh in VORP (4.7), fourth in Player Efficiency Rating (27.7) and sixth in box plus/minus, and you have the makings of an MVP-level season.

All that for a guy who could seemingly fall back on a soccer career if he needed to!