Megan Fox has responded to the online controversy that Love Is Blind contestant Chelsea Blackwell favor one another. Blackwell got a lot of backlash online when she said she resembled the Jennifer's Body star. Blackwell said she reached out to the actress on Instagram but didn't get a reply until now.

“I did reach out to her [Fox], and I was like, ‘I'm so sorry I did this to you,'” Blackwell told Entertainment Tonight at the time adding that she has not gotten a reply from Fox. “I'm just waiting for Megan to respond.”

A part of the viral moment–which happened behind a wall where Blackwell's then fiancé  Jimmy Presnell could not see her– she said she did not see the resemblance to the actress and warned him not “get excited” if he were to propose and they meet face-to-face. Presnell did end up proposing to the flight attendant and noted that she “lied” to him about how she looked. However, it did not stop him from being attracted to her.

On the show, Blackwell, who is a flight attendant, noted that she also got comparisons to other famous women.

“They didn't show that I also say Adele and I also say Katy Perry,” Blackwell said. “I said I get one person all the time and then I say I also get Adele and Katy Perry. Put all those girls together, they look nothing alike. He just heard what he wanted to hear and ran with it.”

Megan Fox Responds To Chelsea Blackwell

Chelsea Blackwell from Love Is Blind and Megan Fox

Fox spoke to E! News, saying that several of her friends reached out to her as she doesn't watch television about the viral moment on the reality show

“I've had a lot of people text me and stop me,” Fox told the publication. “Even other celebrities at like Oscar parties were like, ‘Do you watch Love is Blind?' And I was like, ‘No, but I know what you're talking about.'”

“I didn't watch it, but I think in general, no one deserves to get bullied,” Fox said, adding, “I don't think she deserved that. I think people went way too hard.”

“I did see a picture of her,” the actress said. “A hundred thousand percent, people have told her, ‘You kind of look like Megan Fox.' So I believe she's telling the truth and I hope like she still has that sparkle in her eye. I hope the world didn't steal it from her.”

She added, “Mine died long ago from being bullied for 20 years. So I hope that didn't happen to her. Best wishes and blessings.”