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Mets fire GM Jared Porter after revelation he sent explicit texts to reporter

Mets, Jared Porter, Steven Cohen

The New York Mets relieved general manager Jared Porter of his duties on Tuesday morning, new owner Steven Cohen announced.

This decision comes after an explosive ESPN report revealed Porter sent graphic, uninvited text messages to a female reporter back in 2016, when he was still an executive with the Chicago Cubs.

Here’s Cohen’s statement:

ESPN reportedly first learned of the situation back in 2017 and had reached out to the woman to get her story. The woman, who has opted to keep her anonymity, came into the United States as a foreign correspondent for MLB. She revealed that she ignored over 60 messages from the 41-year-old executive after he sent her a picture of pants with a bulge in the crotch area.

Despite not getting responses, Porter, who couldn’t get the hint, still went on with sending her messages. The final straw came after Porter allegedly sent a photo of his penis. The woman reportedly revealed that this vile experience became one of the reasons why she left the industry and went back to her home country.

Porter has since spoken about the allegations and acknowledged the wrongdoing himself. He expressed regret for his actions, but the Mets had no choice but to fire him. Despite his track record as an executive, this permanent stain of sexual harassment will always be on his resume no matter where he goes.