Michael Jordan pokes fun at himself in congratulatory text he sent to Roy Williams
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Michael Jordan pokes fun at himself in congratulatory text he sent to Roy Williams

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Roy Williams has been receiving a ton of congratulatory messages since leading North Carolina to their sixth NCAA Championship on Monday. From former Tar Heel players, to fellow coaches, calls and text messages have been abundant as of late for him as well-wishers are continuing to contact him.

One of them was the greatest basketball player ever, Michael Jordan. During a speech inside the Dean Smith Center in Chapel Hill, Williams read the text he received from His Airness, where Jordan trolled himself by using the infamous line he used last month while being honored by the Tar Heels.

“I’m so happy for you and the team. You raised the ceiling to the roof tonight. Congrats, didn’t want to bring you bad luck tonight, but I’m so happy for you. Love you, my man.”

Jordan made a lot of headlines in early March after he made a hilarious statement saying that the “ceiling is the roof.” It left many confused on what he really meant by that and even sparked a lot of debate if he was serious or not. However, after making fun of himself in his text message to Williams, it’s now clear that he also finds what he said as funny.

The Tar Heels won the NCAA Tournament against Gonzaga, 71-65. It was a hard-earned victory for them as their opponents gave their all from start to finish. The win cemented the school’s status further as one of the most successful college programs in the nation, which has produced a good number of players who went on to enjoy good careers in the NBA.

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