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Michael Jordan’s son arrested after aggravated assault of hospital staff

Michael Jordan, Jeffrey Jordan

Jeffrey Jordan, the 32-year-old son of Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan, was recently arrested for aggravated assault of a hospital employee.

According to TMZ Sports, the son of the Chicago Bulls legend was brought to a Scottsdale hospital on Friday after a bar accident where he “fell and hit his head.” He was already “combative” as he was being escorted by police to get medical treatment, but it was in the hospital where his behavior became problematic.

Reportedly, Jeffrey assaulted hospital staff while he was being treated. TMZ noted that he was “confused and disoriented” after the fall, which could explain his behavior before and after he was taken to the hospital.

He was eventually brought to the Scottsdale City jail and booked for one count of aggravated assault on Saturday, though he has since been released. Per AZ Family and TMZ, no criminal charges were filed against the son of Michael Jordan after the bar incident.

His Airness is yet to react to the news of his son’s arrest. MJ has been enjoying watching the Ryder Cup at Wisconsin, which is probably why he hasn’t addressed the development yet. However, it is likely he has already learned about the arrest.

Jeffrey Jordan is a former college basketball player, suiting up for the University of Illinois and University of Central Florida from 2007 to 2012.