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WATCH: Michael Jordan’s viral laughing clip gets savage reaction from Gary Payton

Michael Jordan, Gary Payton

It’s been a year since Michael Jordan savagely laughed off Gary Payton’s defense during one of the episodes of his docu-series, The Last Dance. That unforgettable moment has since gone completely viral and has emerged as the latest MJ meme on the internet.

Gary Payton himself has once again addressed Jordan’s disrespectful comments. As expected, the former Seattle SuperSonics star fired back with his own savagery against the GOAT:

“If he didn’t say that, I wouldn’t respect it,” Payton said about Jordan (h/t Tzvi Machlin of The Spun). “I wouldn’t even look at him anymore, because he’s a competitor like me. I looked forward to guarding him. He laughed. I would’ve laughed at the same thing because I don’t think he could guard me. So if he would’ve did that I would’ve been like, ‘Ha… please.’”

That’s exactly the type of response we expected from the one and only Gary Payton.  Clearly, he still has more than a few things to say about Michael Jordan.

Now whether or not we agree with his statement about the great Michael Jordan not having the ability to guard him is an altogether different question. Gary Payton was an outstanding player in his heyday but to say that MJ couldn’t guard him is a bit of a stretch in my mind. Still, total respect to The Glove here.