Academy Award-winner Michelle Yeoh spoke during one of the Kering Women in Motion talks at the Cannes Film Festival and discussed a wide range of topics from her iconic role in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon to one of her latest films, Everything Everywhere All at Once including the possibility of a sequel to the multi-Academy Award-winning film.

“There's no sequel [in the works for Everything Everywhere All at Once],” said Yeoh. That should put a definitive end to any sort of sequel talks for the Daniels's award darling.

But to be fair, it's only natural for moviegoers to think about a sequel to Everything Everywhere All at Once — we've been conditioned to expect sequels and follow-ups to the stories we see on the big screen thanks to the influx of stake-less comic book and franchise movies we get nowadays.

“There are mega films that suffer terrible losses, yet they [movie studios] still go and keep doing the same thing. It's the studios thinking that's their comfort zone: These movies, the budgets are bigger and they feel more violence, the more CGI [they use] will make it better — but the truth of the matter is it's not. In Everything Everywhere All at Once, even though we traveled the multiverses, the main theme was love,” said Yeoh.

And she's not entirely wrong. Like the film or not, Everything Everywhere All at Once was the most intimate blockbuster film of the year (and perhaps ever). It did more multiverse traveling than Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and evokes more emotion than that film (or any recent Marvel film).

Coming off of winning the Best Actress award at this year's Academy Awards, Michelle Yeoh has a number of projects coming up. First is American Born Chinese for Disney+ which will serve as an Everything Everywhere All at Once reunion since Ke Huy Quan, Stephanie Hsu, and James Hong all appear in the series. She will also appear in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, in which she will lend her voice to the character of Airazor. She'll also appear in A Haunting in Venice — Kenneth Branagh's latest Hercule Poirot mystery — later this fall.