When David had his famous confrontation with Goliath, he did not foolishly attempt to defeat him with brute strength. No, the legendary underdog cleverly vanquished his far bigger foe with a slingshot. Indiana knows it will have to employ a similar measure of creativity in its battle with Michigan football.

The Hoosiers launched a shot squarely on the unsuspecting Wolverines near the end of the first quarter with the game still scoreless in Ann Arbor. Freshman quarterback Brendan Sorsby threw a pass directly across to wide receiver Donaven McCulley, who then connected with running back Jaylin Lucas for a 44-yard touchdown. That is how you attack the No. 2 ranked team in the country on the road.

But Goliath was only staggered. Michigan recovered from the impressive trick play and proceeded to score 21 unanswerd points to end the first half. QB J.J. McCarthy is leading the offense to great effect, completing 11-of-14 passes for 153 yards and a touchdown. He beautifully set up star RB Blake Corum for two one-yard scores.

And just like that, head coach Jim Harbaugh and his guys snapped Indiana's slingshot. That is how a program of their caliber must respond when being stunned early. Michigan football could be the most talented college team in the nation, but composure will be the X-factor at the end of the season.

This must be the year that they truly ascend to the top of the sport. Georgia has been shaky, Alabama is ranked outside the top 10 and Ohio State is inferior on paper. It is national championship game or bust for the Wolverines. Their feet remain firmly planted on the ground, but they must stay on high alert for any future trick plays and surprise tactics.