Blake Corum's status for the upcoming MichiganOhio State Big Ten clash figures to dominate the headlines ahead of another week of college football.

Corum injured his knee during the Wolverines' win over Illinois on Saturday and did not return for the second half. The Michigan football star told reporters that “he would be back” but did not get any more specific than that.

On Monday, one of Blake Corum's Michigan teammates spoke to the media and appeared to accidentally reveal the star halfback's status for the Big Ten battle vs. Ohio State football, per Austin Meek of The Athletic.

“Well, I think we've been planning on this. He's a great player, but I think everybody else is just gonna step up with him out. And I think we’re up to the challenge.”

Notice anything in particular about Hayes' wording when speaking about Blake Corum? The Michigan football left tackle not only said that the team has “been planning on this” but he also stated that “everybody else is just going to step up with him out.”

That's not a sentence that is going to make many Wolverines fans feel good about having their star halfback out there against Ohio State football.

Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh played it close to the vest- as he always does- with the injury, telling the media he had “no update.” Other than saying that Corum won't play if he can't practice, fans didn't get much information out of Harbaugh.

But they seemed to get something out of Ryan Hayes. It doesn't mean that Blake Corum won't play, as an Oregon Ducks player said something similar about Bo Nix last week, only for Nix to take the field on Saturday.

Michigan football fans will have to hope the same happens here. Not only has Blake Corum been one of the best running backs in the Big Ten, he's also been in the running for the Heisman, thanks to his 1,457 rushing yards and 18 touchdowns.

For the Wolverines to have their best chance at a win over Ohio State, Blake Corum will need to be out there.