Tyson Fury's father, John, is challenging legendary knockout artist Mike Tyson to a charity fight.

John Fury sent out a video clip on Thursday, noting his desire to face the former heavyweight world champion. Tyson's explosive power and speed is legendary, but would he still pack the same punch?

“Mike's making a comeback,” John said during his message. “I don't value my life to 50 pence. But let me tell you something, Mike Tyson is worth doing charity with. He's a proper king of a champion. He's a proper man — tried and tested.

“I'll fight Mike Tyson,” John Fury went on to say. “I know Mike Tyson mentions my boys name every five minutes. Here I am, John Fury is hiding from no man! Not even the king of the old men!”

John, now 55 years of age, is a well-known figure in British boxing, as he used to be a boxer himself. He recently agreed to step back into the ring for a bout against former bodybuilder Mickey Theo.

Mike Tyson, who is now 53, recently announced that he would be returning to the ring in four-round exhibition bouts. Whether or not these two will actually square off remains to be seen, but John is clearly interested.