NFL analyst Mina Kimes came to terms with ESPN on a huge deal worth over $1.7 million per year. Despite many notable layoffs at ESPN over the summer, the company made sure to keep one of their top analysts in Kimes secured with a new contract.

Despite the great news for Kimes, not everyone gave a positive response to her new contract. Nick Adams went to Twitter and spoke very critically of the move, saying, “ESPN just gave a HUGE new contract to their “NFL analyst” Mina Kimes. Kimes has never played a down of football in her life, yet she will be paid $1.7 million a year to talk about it on woke ESPN. ESPN is no longer about sports, it's about promoting equity among the genders!”

Kimes had a perfect response to destroy the troll, who claimed she didn't have credibility since she's never played a down of football. Mina retweeted Adam's post with a video of her punting a football and with a caption that said, “cope harder.”

Mina's response was a great clap-back to Adams. At best, Nick Adams' comments were very misguided. While it's unclear if Adams has ever listened to Kimes' podcast, TV appearances, or read any of her writing, it would be hard to believe he has and still carries the opinion he does.

Mina Kimes has routinely proved herself as one the top analysts in NFL coverage. The Yale alumni became an investigative reporter after graduating and was an award-winning journalist. She was given her first offer by ESPN in 2014 after writing an essay on the impact the Seattle Seahawks and her dad.

Since joining ESPN, she has been an important writer, podcaster, and TV analyst for the company. Whether she's writing a feature piece on star quarterbacks like Justin Herbert and Aaron Rodgers, or doing breakdowns and analysis on her podcast, Kimes has established herself as one of the best in the business.