We have reached game 162 of 162 on the 2023 MLB season, and while we know which 12 teams will be in the upcoming playoffs, there's still some seeding battles that need to be resolved. So with games set to begin shortly, let's take a look at all the different playoff seeding scenarios that could take place on the final day of the season.

Who will win the American League West; Rangers or Astros

Entering the final day of play, the Texans Rangers hold a one game lead over the Houston Astros in the American League West, but the Astros can still win the division. All the Rangers have to do to win their division is beat the Seattle Mariners, but if they lose, and the Astros beat the Arizona Diamondbacks, Houston will enter the playoffs as the AL West champion.

How will the final AL Wild Card spots shake out?

The AL West is so important because whichever team doesn't win the division will end up playing in the Wild Card round. If the Astros and Toronto Blue Jays win, and the Rangers lose, the Rangers would be the five seed, and the Blue Jays would be the six seed. If Houston and Toronto lose, then the Blue Jays are the five seed, and the Astros are the six seed.

How will the final NL Wild Card spots shake out?

In the National League, the Miami Marlins and Arizona Diamondbacks are still duking it out to see who will be the fifth and the sixth seed in the 2023 MLB Playoffs, and this one could get complicated. Basically, if the Marlins win or the Diamondbacks lose, the Marlins are the fifth seed, and the Diamondbacks are the sixth seed. But if Miami loses and Arizona wins, that means the Marlins would have to complete their recently suspended game against the New York Mets, in which they are winning 2-1 in the ninth inning. If they win that, they are the fifth seed, but if they lose, they would be the sixth seed, and the Diamondbacks would be the fifth seed.