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Robert Alomar fired from MLB due to sexual misconduct scandal

MLB, Blue Jays, Roberto Alomar

Former Major League Baseball star and Hall of Famer Roberto Alomar was placed on the ineligible list after a review of a sexual misconduct allegation and MLB has terminated their relationship with Alomar, according to Anthony DiComo of MLB.com. 

Alomar was working in a role in Puerto Rico after previously working for the Toronto Blue Jays organization. The decision comes amidst a widespread backlash of the MLB as a whole. Earlier this year, now-dismissed manager Mickey Callaway was under fire for harassment of women. 

Now, Alomar has been let go as the MLB continues to try their best to improve their image and save face even a little bit. The case for Alomar dates back to 2014 and the MLB and Rob Manfred recently launched an investigation to dig a little deeper into what happened regarding Alomar.

The Blue Jays released a statement saying they are going to take action in an effort to wipe the slate that Alomar left on the organization. 

So, Alomar has lost all ties with not only the Blue Jays but also the MLB. From one of the most famous names in baseball to getting a shrine in Cooperstown, Alomar has suffered a quick fall and come crashing down to Earth with the latest news from the MLB.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t help the recent reports swarming the league as Manfred and the league offices do their best to rid of all the actions of sexual misconduct around the league.