Out of the top three prospects in baseball (prospect rankings via MLB.com), only one is currently at the MLB level. Milwaukee Brewers outfielder and MLB No. 2 overall prospect Jackson Chourio broke camp with the big league club. However, No. 1 overall prospect Jackson Holliday and No. 3 overall prospect Paul Skenes are playing for the Baltimore Orioles and Pittsburgh Pirates' Triple-A teams.

Holliday, an infielder who was drafted first overall by the Baltimore Orioles in 2022, was rumored to be a candidate to make the Orioles' MLB team out of spring training. Baltimore ultimately decided to have him start the season in the minor leagues, though.

The same can be said for Skenes, who was also a first overall draft pick in 2023. So which future star will join Chourio at the big league level first? Both players will probably get the call this year, if not fairly soon. JJ Cooper of Baseball America thinks it will be Holliday who gets the MLB promotion first, however.

“I would say Holliday,” Cooper responded when asked who will make their debut first during an appearance on Foul Territory. “Just because, not that Skenes couldn't be up in the next couple of weeks… But I look at Holliday and I just kind of feel like that call is coming really soon. Where as with a pitcher, especially any pitcher, I can understand kind of a little bit more of taking it a little slower… Credit to the Pirates. Off to a good start. Their rotation right now looks, so far, pretty solid.

“I think it's probably I would say Holliday over Skenes but we're obviously one injury on either side away from kind of completely jumbling my prediction.”

MLB buzz surrounds Orioles' Holliday

Baltimore Orioles shortstop Jackson Holliday (87) looks on first inning against the New York Yankees at George M. Steinbrenner Field.
Kim Klement Neitzel-USA TODAY Sports

Holliday is the top prospect in MLB. His father, Matt Holliday, was an MLB All-Star. Holliday has high expectations and he features the potential to become a superstar.

Holliday faced Skenes in spring training and Skenes won the battle. Still, Holliday displayed signs of stardom this past spring and will likely receive a big league promotion soon barring unforeseen circumstances.

At just 20 years old, Holliday is a shortstop who can also play second base. With Gunnar Henderson at shortstop for the Orioles, Holliday will probably take over second base duties at the big league level.

His game is polished for a young player. He's expected to be a tremendous all-around hitter who will offer power from the left-side of the plate. Holliday also runs well and his fielding is progressing.

Of course, the transition to second base is new. Fans were frustrated when Holliday did not break camp with the Orioles, but receiving extra reps in Triple-A will not hurt.

It won't be long before Skenes joins the Pirates

Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Paul Skenes (30) throws a pitch in the fourth inning of the spring training game against the Tampa Bay Rays at CoolToday Park.
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Skenes was just drafted last year but already looks MLB ready. He performed well in spring training and is off to a fast start in Triple-A.

MLB's No. 3 overall prospect is 21 years old. He throws extremely hard and will rely upon his fastball moving forward. But Skenes knows that many pitchers throw hard in today's game, so he's also developed a steady repertoire of breaking pitches to offset his fastball.

Skenes' slider is his second best pitch, and he also throws a changeup. He has fairly impressive command for a young flame-throwing hurler and features an ace-caliber ceiling.

Holliday, Chourio, and Skenes are the future of the game. Chourio is already establishing himself as a future star in the big leagues. Holliday and Skenes cannot wait until they are able to face one another once again in an MLB game. But this time, they are hoping it will be in a regular season affair as opposed to spring training.